Dehlin Brattg?rd Arkitekter creates "robust machine for experimental exhibitions" at ArkDes


  德国Dehlin Brattg?rd Arkitekter事务所为ArkDes设计了一个更好的展览空间Boxen,主要用于小规模展览,这座博物馆会更有名一些。


  The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design in Stockholm has a new exhibition space within one of its lofty galleries, featuring wire mesh surfaces, a huge round window and a ramp winding round its exterior.

  German studio Dehlin Brattg?rd Arkitekter designed Boxen to give ArkDes as the museum is better known a space better suited to presenting small-scale exhibitions.

  Made primarily from steel, the multi-level structure is described by the museum as "a robust machine for fast-changing, experimental exhibitions".


  Boxen是适合举办小规模展览的空间/Boxen gives ArkDes a space suited to presenting small-scale exhibitions

  博物馆负责人Kieran Long解释说:“对于Boxen,我们认为其是一座适用于快速、经济、实验性的小型展览空间。”


  "Our brief for Boxen was simply to create a small gallery space for faster, cheaper, more experimental exhibitions and curatorial projects," explained museum director Kieran Long.

  "The museum had always lacked such a gallery, and we also felt that the lack of an independent gallery scene in Sweden required us to provide a platform for emerging, polemical practice."


  该空间位于两个19世纪展厅内/It is installed within one of the museum's two 19th-century exhibition halls

  Boxen位于博物馆的两个现有展厅内,这两个展厅是曾经用于军事训练的19世纪体育馆,面向上世纪90年代由Rafael Moneo加建的建筑的一部分。


  Boxen is installed within one of the museum's two existing exhibition halls, a pair of 19th-century gymnasiums once used for military training, that face out towards a part of the building that was added by Rafael Moneo in the 1990s.

  While its muted tones of white and grey blend in with its surroundings, Boxen's exposed utilitarian structure makes a bold statement. It features a visible framework of structural I-beams and a corrugated steel roof, which is raised up to allow light to enter from above.


  展馆的外部环绕着坡道/A ramp winds around the exterior of the gallery



  The ramp begins by the gallery entrance and wraps the entire exterior. With a balustrade made from simple textile mesh, it passes across the centre of the round window and finishes at a balcony that stretches along the full length of the structure, giving visitors the opportunity to view exhibits inside the gallery from all angles.

  From here, a concealed staircase provides an extra route inside the gallery.


  坡道引导着参观者环绕展览空间,最终通向阳台/The ramps leads up to a balcony, before guiding visitors back down into the exhibition space



  The gallery space has an area of 156 square metres in total, laid out as a rectangle with "classical double-square proportions".

  Its internal walls are lined with birch plywood and white plasterboard to create a more traditional white-cube interior. The backside of these surfaces is painted silver, to better fit in with the metal mesh and netting it sits beside.

  空间由金属制作而成,外观上满足实用需求/Made primarily from steel, the structure is deliberately utilitarian in appearance


  这座展览馆于2018年6月投入使用并举办了三次展览,分别是斯德哥尔摩城市规划部门的档案展“Modellarkivet”、考察建筑与数字世界关系的装置展“Space Popular”,以及当地新兴设计人才作品展“Young Swedish Design 2019”。

  Long commissioned the project shortly after becoming director of the museum in 2017. His aim was to give the museum an opportunity to become more versatile, while also offering a platform to an emerging architecture studio based in Stockholm.

  Since opening in June 2018, the gallery has hosted three exhibitions: Modellarkivet, a look into the archive of Stockholm's Urban Planning Department; Space Popular, an installation looking at the relationship between architecture and the digital world; and Young Swedish Design 2019, a showcase of emerging local talent.


  这座展馆已经举办了三次展览,其中有考察建筑与数字世界关系的装置展“Space Popular”/The gallery has hosted three exhibitions so far including Space Popular, which looked at the relationship between architecture and the digital world

  Long说:“Dehlin Brattg?rd的项目超出了我们的预期。”


  "Dehlin Brattg?rd's project gave us more than we could have expected," said Long.

  "I think they have made a quietly radical piece of museum architecture. It densifies the museum's spaces, creating a beautiful, elegant interior, but also providing the drama and fun of walking up the ramp," he continued.


  在斯德哥尔摩设计周期间,还展出了当地新兴设计人才的作品“Young Swedish Design 2019”/During Stockholm Design Week it hosted Young Swedish Design 2019, a showcase of emerging local talent


  摄影:Johan Dehlin

  "Views into the gallery are gradually revealed, and it provides new perspectives on the historical building it sits within. It is an engine of curatorial ideas, and is an intensely social space, a place to see and be seen what any good public space always is."

  Photography is by Johan Dehlin.












  建筑设计:Dehlin Brattg?rd Arkitekter

  客户:ArkDes (The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design)

  主创建筑师:Johan Dehlin, Johannes Brattg?rd

  结构工程:DIFK (Florian Kosche)

  项目管理:Erik T?rnqvist


  施工方:Eckerud EQT

  Boxen平面标识:Studio Reko

  Project credits:

  Architect: Dehlin Brattg?rd Arkitekter

  Client: ArkDes (The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design)

  Lead architects: Johan Dehlin, Johannes Brattg?rd

  Structural engineer: DIFK (Florian Kosche)

  Project manager: Erik T?rnqvist

  Steel construction: Promostal

  Build: Eckerud EQT

  Graphic identity for Boxen: Studio Reko