I recently saw a friend leave a message complaining about how hard the life of a highly leveraged loan after buying a house.

There is no money for people to come and go.

Some people say that buying a house is only a few years old. Now, the crimes that have been suffered, such as rising house prices and high incomes, are nothing at all. In this friend’s view, I don’t know when this day is a head.

Tolstoy’s words are true: happy families have the same happiness, but unfortunate families have their own misfortunes.

On the surface, there seems to be a car with a house. In fact, it carries a heavy debt. It is better to say that it has a new "shackle" when it comes to "buying a house dream". Although people in the bureau feel unbearable, But everyone still pin their hopes on the real estate appreciation and then realise it, looking forward to one day "turning over".


It is a pity that I did not wait for the "turn over", but instead waited for the property market to "turn over the face."

In July, there were two seemingly inconspicuous news that began to “ferment”.

First, the number of buildings with delayed delivery is increasing.

At the peak of a certain city in Central China, there are more than 300 problems in real estate. The price of sea-view houses in a certain city in the coastal area has returned to ten years ago, and even in the outer suburbs of some first- and second-tier cities, similar problems have arisen, either delaying the delivery of houses or handing over houses. After the goods are not on the board, cut corners, the developers have completed the task.

As we all know, 2016 is recognized as the "king of the king", the national total price of the king, the unit price of the king and the premium rate of more than 100% of the "three high" plots, appearing in four second-tier cities: Nanjing won 19 seats, Next is 14 seats in Suzhou, 11 seats in Hefei and 10 seats in Hangzhou.

Not only the second-tier cities, with the outbreak of Evergrande and Country Garden in the third- and fourth-tier property market, the slightly-scale housing enterprises have regarded the following cities and counties as the main battlefield for performance growth.



















房地产市场有记忆。从2013年下半年开始,房屋销售面积继续上升。当时,房价同比增长率从2014年9月的9.1%继续下降,最低达-1.1%,商品房销售面积从2013年2月开始。下降49.5% ,2014年9月达到-8.6%。截至2014年底,销售面积已超过7亿平方米。





In terms of regions, there is a large gap between the completion of the eastern region and the sales of 期房. Among them, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other provinces (cities) are facing greater pressure on delivery this year. In addition, there are certain pressures for delivery in Hubei, Anhui and Jiangxi in the central region, Chongqing, Guangxi and Guizhou in the western region.

The meaning of the experts is very clear, and everything will wait until the end of the year to see the results.

Perhaps the city you are in is constantly sending news of real estate delays, maybe the entire market is revitalized for the old community, whether it is good news or bad news, before the end of the year, there is no large-scale completion of the residential, do not deal with these news a.

The property market is indeed "turning the face", but only for those who have high hopes for the appreciation of the property.

If you still hold the idea of "bearing a few years of hardship and selling up when the house price goes up," it will not only lower your current quality of life, but also be difficult after three or five years after being tied to the "car" of real estate. Successfully sold.

The flow of property has been greatly reduced.xx